Biometric Authentication with ActiveAuth

Passwords are the weak link in security...

Biometric Authentication of a fingerprint, for telephonic transactions, provides security and convenience

What is Biometric Authentication?Get Started
More and more businesses and corporations are recognizing the efficiency of biometrics.
All companies face significant strategic, operational, financial and other risks and those risks are multiplied in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and finance if the correct compliance is not in place With ActiveAuth, a user (customer or patient) can authenticate their identity using their smartphone while on a call with a live agent or medical staff. The verification of the user’s identity is then sent to the live agent or medical staff, and the conversation is continued. If the user fails to verify themselves via ActiveAuth, any information requested will be denied. More and more businesses and corporations are recognizing the efficiency of the application. For example, in a hospital setting, there is more and more interest in using biometrics for user authentication to assure the confidentiality and privacy of patient information.
Biometric Fingerprint Authentication in the cloud can be tied into any call center software, either on-premise or hosted. It can be integrated into Secure Voice and Text-based applications, such as phone payments (PayIt), or Call Back and click to call applications.

PCI DSS and HIPPA Compliant


Allows Agents to validate Transactions or Identity


Easy to provision, Simple to use


Record sessions into CRM / DB


Easy to integrate due to relatively low cost and small size


No need to remember passwords

Hippa and PCI Compliant - Biometric Authentication

The very best tools for security and compliance are imperative in today's world, especially in both healthcare and the financial industries. Biometric tools, like ActiveAuth, can help with Fraud mitigation, two-factor authentication, identification and more...

When a level of compliance is in place, a company can work towards higher productivity and better market performance. It also reduces the need to repeat or re-do tasks.

You save time and resources when you have the ability to authenticate just once and be properly recognized.

Customers, employees and vendors seeing this commitment have a higher overall feeling of trust in a business.

Trust = Brand Loyalty.

Benefits of Biometric Authentication

Biometric Authentication

How ActiveAuth Works … Simplified

Customers generally don’t feel comfortable handing over sensitive financial information . . . Why?


. . . of consumers don’t know what happens to sensitive information they give to agents over the phone.


. . . of consumers incorrectly identified what information agents have access to and how it is stored


. . . of customers are not confident their payment details are secure from being hacked by cyber criminals


. . . of customers are scared call representives can secretly record their information elsewhere

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